can't access mail in unix account

can't access mail in unix account

Post by Doug Emer » Sun, 01 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I can't access mail remotely (POP3) or locally (mail, Pine)
from my school's unix account.  The server is an SGI
Challenge L server, running IRIX.

Login informs that I have mail, and I usually get 50-75
messages a day.  Pine returns this message for my inbox:

Quote:> [SELECT failed: inbox (file /usr/mail/emeryjhu) is not in valid mailbox format]

mail gives me this messge:

Quote:> mail: mailfile does not begin with a 'From' line

Is there anyway I can access the mail that's there or reset
my account to avoid losing messages in the future?  For now
I've rerouted my mail to my vms account, but I want to fix
the unix problem.  By the way, I've been told that the unix
system was hacked into recently, but I don't know that
someone else's tampering is the source of my problem.

Thanks in advance,

Doug Emery


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If is within the same subnet as my linux box itself
everything's fine. However - I need that accounting for my PPP dial-ins
and there I run into the effect that

# ipfwadm -A -l

always gives me a 0 traffic indication :-(

I'm not sure, but the reason might be that my PPP dial-ins are not within
the same subnet as  the linux system and that their routing's beeing
enabled by DIP right after the connection's been established.

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