Using ptx

Using ptx

Post by Robin La » Wed, 02 May 1990 08:46:00

Mailing via would not reach Tony, so I'll post here:

>lI need help or pointers for use of the ptx command on xenix sys V
>found on SCO text processing module .  I get a permuted index  but ca
>not tell what to do with it . can page references be inserted ? where can
>I find some more meaningful coverage of this utility. Thank you

ptx produces output in the form:

.xx "tail""before keyword""keyword and after""head"

where .xx may be an nroff macro for user defined formatting.  The "before
keyword" and "keyword and after" fields incorporate as much of the line
as will fit around the keyword, when it is printed in the middle of the page.
"Tail" and "head" at least one of which is an empty string "", are
wrapped around pieces small enough to fit in the unused space at the
opposite end of the line.  When original text must be discarded '/'
marks the spot.

For the ptx output file, the nroff .xx macro was defined as:

\\$1 \\$2 \\$3 \\$4 \\$5

for the final output.  The final output, in our case, is published
as "A Keyword-in-context Index to Computers and Dentistry"  R. B. Lake
and M. Bhat.  Available from National Technical Information Service, Springfield
VA as PB83-186361.

There was also a brief note on this in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine
and Biology Magazine circa 1982.

Rob Lake


1. using ptx for permuted indices

     Does anyone have any good examples of using ptx to generate permuted
indices?  Unfortunately, TFM which is part of SCO's Text Processing System
gives no example of how input should be arranged for presentation to ptx.  In
particular, I would like to generate a permuted index which has the same format
as the one SCO has in their actual documentation.  
     TFM also mentions that each output line begins with .xx "where .xx is
assumed to be as nroff(CT) or troff(CT) macro provided by the user."  Perhaps
this is where I need assistance instead (or also).  Does this mean there should
already be a macro somewhere (whose name I'd have to substitute for .xx) to
handle what I want to do, or does that mean I'll have to figure out how to
write such a beast?
     Please respond by e-mail to avoid unnecessary clutter of the newgroups.  I
will post or mail a summary of responses if anyone else is interested.  Thanks.


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