configuring high speed modem on SYS V/386 Rel 3.2

configuring high speed modem on SYS V/386 Rel 3.2

Post by Jason Moh » Sat, 25 Sep 1993 11:27:18

Can someone help me out with a problem here. How does one re-configure dial
in lines when upgrading from 2400 to 14400 modems on a SYS V/386 Release 3.2
For some reason the modems are connecting correctly at high speed but than
only a stream of garbage is put out to the user who connects to them.  Even
setting the tty speed to 19200 or 19200H doesn't appear to solve the
problem.  I must point out that the system seems to do well enough with the
tty set to 2400, the modem will do a high speed carrier connect but the
throughput is only 2400.  If anyone can help or even point me towards some
source which could it would be much appreciated.  Please send replies to

Thanx in advance.


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All manuals are still shrinkwrapped and the volumes are:
* C Language Guide
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