how to kill highlander tip processes?

how to kill highlander tip processes?

Post by J. Kelly Cunningh » Mon, 10 Oct 1994 02:33:02

I have three tip processes that just won't die.  I've tried every option
mentioned on the kill man page (as root).  Is there any way to kill them
w/o a reboot?

Thanks, kc


1. How can kill all child processes without killing parent process ?

: Hi all UNIX expert,

: I am now writing a shell script to kill all child processes of a
: particular process.  I have written the following
: script:

: ps -ef | grep o\\ra  | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill

: where ora is the name of the parent process

: However, this shell script only kills out the parent process,
: Does anyone know how to kill all child process without
: killing that parent process ? Please advise !!! Many thanks !!!
: Have a nice UNIX day !!!

you will have to read all matching processes and only kill the last in the
chain by using PID and PPID; unfortunately we can not assume that the
child is the process with the highest PPID:
assume $2=PID , $3=PPID ( coming from   ps -ef | grep o\\ra  | grep -v grep )

        PID[ $2 ]=""
        PPID[ $3 ]=""

# process ids which are also parents should be deleted
        for( pid in PPID ) if ( pid in PID ) delete PID[ pid ]
        for( pid in PID ) { do_whatever_you_like_on_your_own_risk( pid ) }

function do_whatever_you_like_on_your_own_risk( param ){

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