RPC.LOCKD cannot contact RPC.STATD. HELP!!

RPC.LOCKD cannot contact RPC.STATD. HELP!!

Post by David Skerre » Tue, 04 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Hi Netter,

  I have a problem,

    The UNIX (sparcstation5) machine I work on continually
    displays the message

       rpc.lockd: Cannot contact status monitor!

    The machine refuses to boot past the rc.local entry

        if ( -f /usr/etc/rpc.lockd ) ; then
              rpc.lockd &       echo -n 'lockd'

    The rpc.statd daemon comes up ok but lockd cannot
    contact it.

    I have tried manually starting the daemon process but
    rpc.lockd still causes the system to hang when its

    Any suggestions would not got astray, as I have never
    seen this happen before.

    Thanks in advance



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| Physics Department, Clayton Campus, Monash University, Australia            |


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