HP JetDirect printer hangs when using TCP/IP and IPX protocols

HP JetDirect printer hangs when using TCP/IP and IPX protocols

Post by Karl Littere » Tue, 30 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have several JetDirect printers set up in Unix using TCP/IP.  When
printing large print jobs from Unix and a job request comes in to the
printer from NT/Novell over IPX, the IPX job takes control of the
JetDirect and injects it's job into the middle of the Unix job.  Often
times the printer also becomes hung in Unix.  Has anyone encountered the
same or a similar problem when printing to a JetDirect device?  What
solutions did you come up with short of using a central print server or
seperate printers.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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Hallo world!
Is anybody out there who knows about linux utilies for controlling
a HP4Mplus or HP4 via the HP Jetdirect interface ?
Following problems appear:

        - misformed printouts of ascii raw text. The LF->LF/CR
          translation fails like this i.e.:
          dfug ruieg ierubnh\n  
                             krgrj iurbnh iuerbn iubn\n
                                                      ktrsbnh utobn.

        - unessessary trailer pages are printed by the printer or
          the jetdirect interface card, it looks like:
User: root
Host: server
Class: server
Job: .bash_profile

The printer is connected via a rm=hp4m entry in /etc/printcap, so
common lpr printerfiltering won't work.
Here is the printcap entry:

Printing postscript through this queue tcp wortks fine. (no filtering
nessesary, :-)). But the unwanted trailer page appears. :-(

HP offers printing controll utilities for unix machines, but this
soft ist a) not free b) only for sun and hpux.

Do you have any suggestions ?
I had heard the clue is in naming the printqueue or and the printerhostname
in a special way. I couldn't figure it out till now. :-((

Any help  will be appreciated.

        Juergen Sauer


28790 Schwanewede/Germany  FAX  +49 4209 5217   CI$: 100013,1564

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