Request for info about Mt. Xinu UNIX DECNET software

Request for info about Mt. Xinu UNIX DECNET software

Post by SEF::COLEM » Wed, 03 Jan 1990 00:00:00

Is there software available that will allow our Microvax II running Mt. Xinu
MORE/bsd 4.3 UNIX to communicate via DECNET with the VAX/VMS systems on our
ethernet?  We know of software that will network DEC to UNIX, but none for
UNIX to DEC running our MT. Xinu UNIX.  Any information would be greatly
appreciated.  Answer via the network or contact me directly.

Chuck Coleman
Naval Weapons Center (Code 3922)
China Lake, CA 93555
(619) 939-1286


1. Mt Xinu UNIX BSD 4.3 panic messasge

We are getting repeated panic messages from an ancient VAX 3200
workstation of the form:

panic: wtimo   write time out error

I'm sure this is related some how to the hard disk but with
the abundant(????) documentation available for this operating
system, I haven't a clue where to look.

Some specifics:

Platform: VAX 3200 Workstation
O/S: Mt. Xinu BSD 4.3
RAM: 16Mb

Any information/directional hints would be greatly


Wil Artman                         :
System Administration Supervisor   :
Millward Brown, Inc.               :
Voice: 708.955.8779                :
Fax:   708.245.5779                :


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