PD Writers tools

PD Writers tools

Post by Randy Orris » Wed, 02 May 1990 23:01:00

I'm looking for Public Domain (freely redistributable, or even low cost)
tools for writers.  I know about MicroSpell, but how about versions of
the Writers Workbench tools?  style & diction come with 4BSD - are these
from berkeley and is there a version that I can have?  Is this stuff
available from AT&T in binary form for a UnixPC at a reasonable price?


(Anyone got a Unix I can borrow?)   {ihnp4, seismo!rutgers, sun}!umn-cs!randy
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1. Favorite PD tools - Stats, disk hogs, ...

I am in need of collecting some statistics on resource usage of various
Unix machines in terms of CPU load, # of users, disk space growth, ...
Ideally the tool would enable the automatic collection of snapshots and
then summarize appropriately.  I know of various accounting stuff
included with many Unix OSs, but there must be better, high-level stuff
that can answer, "So what has my machine been doing this month compared
to last? ..."

Has anyone compiled a list of useful, updated admin tools that will help
me in this and other stuff like disk hogs, ...

I would initially like this to be run on SCO Unix, Ultrix, and AIX thus
it is my hope that it is portable.  Ideally, they would include makefiles
for each of the popular Unixes, not unlike GNU stuff.

I snarfed watcher from the comp.unix.sources archive, but it looks rather

Any help would be appreciated.

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