Zmodem Transfer...

Zmodem Transfer...

Post by Mark Cab » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 14:13:53

oops, I forgot to state that I was using Telemate (registered copy)

Zmodem Transfer...

Post by Bill Marc » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 23:53:11

>oops, I forgot to state that I was using Telemate (registered copy)

You also forgot to say anything before that; did you have a question?


1. Incomplete Zmodem Transfer

I have been trying for several weeks to send files from the university computer
to my computer at home. I call the university from home through the
university's public dialup with an 8-bit, full duplex connection. From
there I connect the computer where my files are. The computer is a NeXT
running NeXTStep. As I understand it, MACH is the working unix under
NeXTStep. Our computer cluster has SZ (and RZ) version 05/89. I have tried
several different command line options and it still doesn't work. Someone
suggested that I use:  SZ -be [files]  
and I have. It starts the transfer and seems to be working perfectly. And
then it gets an error, and then another error. And then finally I see
the CRC-32 change to CRC-16, then my comm program (Telemate 4.12) tells
me that the file transfer is over. I get a dump of binary character on the
screen and my unix command prompt. I even used it with -v option but it
doesn't return and errors, or anything, as a matter of fact.

I'd appreciate any help available. :-)

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