xterm auto-open: how?

xterm auto-open: how?

Post by Martin R. Gro » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 22:51:59


Starting up, I use to start two processes displaying my friends logged in at
the university and here in cadlab, in small xterm windows. Whenever a new one
arrives, the process beeps. Usually, the xterms are iconified to give me a
clean surface.

Now magically, when I'm at the university and a new friend arrives, the xterm
not only beeps, but automatically opens up and displays its contents. So you
always now where the beep came from.
But, this doesn't work here in cadlab. I never figured why, so I thought maybe
someone has got a clue how to set this up? Is it connected with the beeping?
(which is done through echo -n "^G"; ^G stands for the CTRL-G character)

Yours, Martin


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I installed ytree and got this error message:
Error opening terminal: xterm. Any idea's? The default installation is
linux, with nurses dependency (which I have). I modified the ytree.conf,
then copied it to both /root & /home directories. It failed to run in both
X and shell envirnments, with the same error message. I tried several
global TERM=bla...bla.. with no help.

I still use Xtree under dos and having ytree working would be a great
tool for my limited CLI skills.


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