Locked files - who has it locked?

Locked files - who has it locked?

Post by Brian Vett » Fri, 04 Oct 1991 06:14:04

I am using advisory locks on SUNOS 4.1.1 and I find that sometimes I
have lockf calls failing to acquire locks when I don't believe that
any process has the file opened or locked.  This seems to happen when
the file is on a NFS file system and the process that previously have had
the lock terminated.

My question:  When I find myself in this state, is there anyway to tell
which process owns the lock (if any)?  The crash documents don't discuss
this and I don't have the sources to peek around kernel data structures
to figure out what's going on.

Or, is there well known problems with Sun's lock manager (lockd) that
is the culprit.  After killing off lockd and statd on all machines
concerned, and waiting 20 minutes, the lock mysteriously went away.

If you can help, please respond by email.


Brian Vetter


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