Priority que's and task switching

Priority que's and task switching

Post by Russell Conne » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a question regarding how unix handles priorities and task

Let's suppose I only have three priority levels and only 6 processes

Priority  A has process 1 in it.
Priority B has 2-5
Priority C has process 6 in it.

Now, the processor gives time in 1 sec increments to all priorities.
If Process 1 is asleep and the processor hits B will ALL of the B level
process get a turn at the CPU or only one process?
If only one process at Does the CPU have to hit A every time, wasiting CPU
time and then getting to the next B in the cue?
if a only need a tiny bit of 1 sec does B get the rest?

I ask this question because our AIX has tons (90%) of processes in the 60
cue, few in any of the others and I wonder if it "log-jams" and wastes to
much time and if changing priorities would help.


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Hi, I am new to Linux. I am using Slackware 2.3.0, and have successfully
installed it and am having a ball with disk sets A, AP and D. I had a
glitch the other day when searching tar archives looking for a specific
file. I would CTRL-C to quit searching when it was obvious that I was
looking at the wrong floppy. Then tar got hung up and froze, when I
flipped over to another console I noticed that the state of the task
reported by the top command indicated a 'D', which I learned as
"un-interruptable sleep". I could not kill this task, and bogged the system
down by consuming CPU time. Was I a contributor to this problem?

thanks, Bryan

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