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Subject: Re: How to delete a file with spaces?

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 02:50:37 GMT
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> Hi,

> Im accessing the net with a unix shell account (command line interface).
> My question is this:

> How can I delete or remove a file that has spaces?
> The file is called:   About This Site - Read Me!

> I use to know how to delete this, but now Ive gone blank! Ive done this
> before, but cant remember how (I think I used wildcards before?)

> Can someone email me and tell me how to remove this file?

> Thanks for your help in advance! :-)

Just enclose it in single quotes like this:
        rm 'About This Site - Read Me!'

or if you are using the Cshell you must also escape the '!':
        rm 'About This Site - Read Me\!'




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        comp.sys.ibm.pc, comp.sys.ibm.pc.misc
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Subject: Unix on a PC.

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Sender: Rob Payne <repayne>

Organization: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 92 15:58:15 EDT

I am sorry if this goes to one or more of the wrong places.

I am looking for a version of Unix that will run on a PC (probably
486/50 or so, but it would be nice if it ran on a 386sx for the time
being.)  I was wondering what versions are out there and what comes
with each?  If you have used some of these versions, one or more, and
have a good idea of what they will do, please let me know what your
thoughts on this are.  Things that I am looking for specifically:

        Space constraints aren't TOO important but I don't necessarily
want anything that is going to take gig's to set up.
        Support for X-windows would be very nice.  (my system will
have SVGA so I guess SVGA-X support would be nice.)
        What does anyone know of GNU portage, do GNU products port to
the DOS versions of UNIX?  This would be especially nice.

        Anything else that you can think of, let me know. (things I
could check into, products that I should avoid, etc.)

                          Thanks in advance.


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