Wanted: Common or highly-probable errors.

Wanted: Common or highly-probable errors.

Post by Anna Marc » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 18:35:00

  I am looking for other persons who have collected lists of "most probable
errors" found in requirements documents, or references to such in the
literature.  We encountered the idea in an article in IEEE "Software",
September 1987, pps 81ff (Software Standards).

  Our list includes:
        Different commands for the same function across different modules in
a moderately large system.
        Database separation, ie, same data stored in two different databases
used by the same system.
        Too much detail in specifications, such as a long list of steps
required to add some information to a database, instead of just "add the
        Rigid definition of codes, not allowing for new ones to be defined
        Well-specified but unfriendly user interfaces.


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1. kernel error "probable hardware bug: clock timer configuration lost - probably a VIA686a"


Another message which shows up in my /var/log/message file:
Jul 29 17:28:44 brama kernel: probable hardware bug: clock timer configuration lost - probably a VIA686a.
Jul 29 17:28:44 brama kernel: probable hardware bug: restoring chip configuration.

I was backing up content to tape using the following command when it happened:
tar xvf /dev/nht0 largeamounts of content

Any guidance or remedies in correcting this would be appreciated.

I am running the latest kernel available to RH6.2:

The system consists of 2 800 Mhz PIII's, 2 20GB HDs (not running RAID with most
content and user partitions on one disk; /var, /usr on the other) 512MB RAM.

Max Pyziur

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