Modem number access from UNIX system

Modem number access from UNIX system

Post by Michael Gleibm » Sun, 06 Sep 1992 00:15:49

Does anybody here knows how can I access the modem number from VAX (BSD4.3)
Thanx in advance. Any help is appreciated.

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1. I need access to a number of different Unix platforms

I'm looking for a vendor (or vendors) that provide access to the Internet
through a number of different Unix Platforms. I've got a product which I
would like to make available under different hardware and software.  It
currently runs under Solaris on a Sparc machine.  Ideally, I'd like to find
just one vendor where I could compile the program on a number of target
machines.  However, multiple vendors may be acceptable if I can't find
just one.  The following environment is necessary for me to sign-on:

Access to a gcc compiler
Internet access that allows a home page with cgi-bin access
Access to the system through FTP and Telnet
Local dial-in access would be nice, but not absolutely necessary

So, is there anybody out there that offers access on a platform other
than Sparc/Solaris?  If so, pls email me with info...   THANX!

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