Wanted: Device driver for Panasonic Autochanger

Wanted: Device driver for Panasonic Autochanger

Post by Dave Hounslo » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone tell where we can get a device driver for a Optical Disk Jukebox
The device is a Panasonic Autochanger Product number:LFJ5080A  
it is fitted with a SCSI interface.

We need this for a HP-UX v.9 running on a HP 755

I have tried contacted Panasonic's UK techincal support but to no avail.

Thanks in anticipation.
Dave Hounslow


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IDE CD-ROM under linux?
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I have a NSA  NSCD-2X drive, handled like a Panasonic-drive by the
controller card.

so my questions:

1. is there any ftp-site with linux drivers (except SUNSITE)?

2. can I link a DOS driver to the linux kernel?

3. can I start a DOS driver with linux dosemu ?

4. any other tips and tricks ?

thank you,

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