***Digital Circuit Simulation Program

***Digital Circuit Simulation Program

Post by Daniel Gehrig » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Where can I find a free digital circuit simulation program under UNIX. Also, I need a program for drawing timing diagrams.

Please reply by e-mail.


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***Digital Circuit Simulation Program

Post by Steve Silberbe » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Where can I find a free digital circuit simulation program under UNIX. Also, I

need a program for drawing timing diagrams.

Tektronix.  It's probably not free, though.

Steve Silberberg



1. Circuit Simulation Time on HyperSPARC Compared to SuperSPARC


I'm hoping someone here has some information that will help explain
the following situation.

I recently got the upgrade for a model 61, single CPU Sparc20 to a
dual CPU machine using the 125MHz Ross Technology HyperSPARC modules.
I'm running SunOs 4.1.4 which is basically 4.1.3 with the patches for
the Ross modules.

To test out the machine speed, I decided to run a circuit simulation
of a medium sized mixed-signal CMOS circuit, about 7500 devices.  I'm
running only one circuit simulation at a time with no other
applications running.  The application and OS does not currently support

Here are the results on different machines we have in our lab:

  Sparc20, dual 125MHz CPU              5.858 minutes   1X
  Sparc20, dual model 61 CPU            7.301           1.25X
  Sparc10, single model 41 CPU         10.451           1.78X

Thus, the HyperSPARC upgrade is giving about a 25% improvement in
speed over the CPU that came with my machine originally, a single CPU
model 61 Sparc20.

I'm not completely sure what the theoretical performance improvement
would be for an application based on SPECrates I obtained from Ross
Technology's webpage.

Anyone else out there with a HyperSPARC upgrade or OEM machine that they
can compare against something like a Sparc10 or Sparc20?

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