Any ft and rje implementation for Motorola Delta 3300

Any ft and rje implementation for Motorola Delta 3300

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        Dear Netlanders,

        we are looking for an implementation of rje and ft (_not_ FTP)
        using transport interface CCITT T.70 for a Motorola Delta System
        (MVME 147) running  realix ( Yet another SysV Variant ).

        These are protocols proposed by the DFN (Deutsches
        Forschungsnetz e. V.) some years ago.
        rje allows remote job entry over X.25 lines,
        ft allows file transfer over X.25.

        Please reply to me, not to teh list. It will only be
        interesting for very few people ...


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Is there a C++ compiler avaiable for Motorola Delta systems ?

I know Motorola can supply the Green Hills C-68K compiler with their

Does Green Hills have any C++ compiler ?

  -- Arne

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