Compression utilities

Compression utilities

Post by Patricia M Broo » Thu, 04 Jun 1992 19:46:00

I need to know if the COMPRESS or PACK
utilities will work on files
that have been compressed with
ZIP (.ZIP). If not, is there software or
other utilities that will work.

E-mail please! Thank You. P.Brooks


Compression utilities

Post by Thaddeus P. Flory » Fri, 05 Jun 1992 20:17:06


>I need to know if the COMPRESS or PACK
>utilities will work on files
>that have been compressed with
>ZIP (.ZIP). If not, is there software or
>other utilities that will work.

No, they will not de-archive your *.zip files.

You will need (at least) the unzip program for UNIX.

Looking in my /usr/local/src/unzip, I found a reference to where I got
my copy of unzip:

        Date: Wed, 11 Apr 1990  01:36 MDT

        Subject: Release of unzip for Unix

Thus, unzip (for UNIX) should be at [IP]
and it should be at other archive sites by now, too.  Try "archie" and
maybe (get their ls-lR.Z and grep it).

That 1990 version of unzip is compatible with the latest PKZIP on DOS boxes;
one of my outside consultants occasionally uploads ZIP files to one of my
Suns on which it's unzip'd, then the extracted contents ftp'd on our internal
net to VAXen and DOS machines for use.