Transparant printers and XON/XOFF-handshaking

Transparant printers and XON/XOFF-handshaking

Post by Martin We » Sun, 26 Apr 1992 20:43:14

Hi !

I've got a problem with transparent printers - perhaps anybody can help me ?

We're using an Altos 386 Series 600 with Wyse 120 terminals using a VT 100-
emulation and some printers. The Wyse terminals have a parallel IBM-compatible
printer port and two printers are connected to terminals as transparent
printers (one over modem, one direct because at the moment there aren't
enough ports but we have to upgrade).
The transparent printers work fine although the terminals are blocked while
printing but I think that there's no way to solve this and this is not my
Normally the terminals use XON/XOFF to tell the computer to send data and this
works without problems, too - if a user is logged in.
If a getty process runs on the terminal the line is in raw mode and the
XON/XOFF doesn't work. The result is that characters get lost.
I have tried to set the parameters manual by using xtty, a command equal to
stty but you can use it on other lines than your own, but getty resets them.
I have tried to change /etc/gettydefs, with no effect.
I have tried to set this options with setmode, without effect.
I could set the parameters in the printer spooler script for this printer,
but unfortunately the application we use doesn't work with it - it directly
accesses the device.

Perhaps anybody can help me with this ? The Altos vendor can't help us, they
gave me the hint with setmode but it doesn't work and now they have no other
idea :-((((

Many thanks for any useful answers !!!

Sorry for mistakes, but I'm still improving my English !


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