WINQVTNET Transparent Print

WINQVTNET Transparent Print

Post by AlfredH8 » Fri, 27 May 1994 22:39:04

We are working with WNQVTNET version 3.96 and are enjoying the
product but are having a
problem in the area of printing.

We wish to send everything via transparent print because we are
formatting all of the data
in the billing system prior to printing using ESC sequences.
However, when we do this, all of the
output goes into a ~xxxxxxx.tmp file in the Windows directory and the
job never makes it to the

When using print manager the print manager icon pops up on the bottom
of the screen but when you open it, there are no jobs in the queue.

We are a little lost at this point and would appreciate any
assistance anyone may provide.


Alfred S. Harding
ComputerLand Medical Consulting