help needed on TK50/4.3BSD MicroVAX II problem

help needed on TK50/4.3BSD MicroVAX II problem

Post by Jeffrey W Perciv » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 21:09:00

We have a MicroVAX II running 4.3BSD, with a TK50.
When we try to use the TK50, it behaves badly:
if I tar out a few small files, everything is fine.
The tar finishes, and a "tar tv" shows me the file
names.  If I try to tar out a directory with larger
files (approx. 80 blocks, according to tar), the
thing appears to hang the system.  The console says
"panic: sleep" and nobody's terminal responds.

Our DEC person has no trouble running his diagnostics tape
on our TK50, so it is not an obvious hardware failure.

We used to use the TK50 a lot, but lately it had been
rendered idle by the addition of an AVIV reel-to-reel drive.
After a long period of non-use, I tried to make a TK50 tape
and discovered the problem described above.

Any thoughts?


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We have a poor MicroVAX II with only a Tk50 to keep it from being a black
box.  We have another MicroVAX II that has floppies, kermits & lines,
a Tk50, etc.  The one with everything runs Ultrix 1.2 with 4.2 available.
The other one runs sort form of VMS.  If we can get a way of transfering
kermit to it in a VMS readable form, we can transfer files over the lines.

If we can get Ultrix to write out stuff on a Tk50 tape so that VMS can
read it, everything is cool.  So far..

Any suggestions?

Stefan Brandle                  UUCP:  ihnp4!wheaton!stefan

PS:  our news is being changed and rather undependable.  Please email
answers.  Thanks.
Stefan Brandle                          UUCP:  ihnp4!wheaton!stefan
I never claimed to be sane.

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