Word II to DOS

Word II to DOS

Post by Kenn Garroc » Sat, 13 Aug 1994 00:29:09

Can anyone help me with converting files from Word II format  - from what
I think is a VMS Unix box - into something I can read on DOS - ASCII text

I have the files on a DOS PC and need to be able to read them but I can't
find anything that will convert them. Does anyone know of a DOS program
that will do the job or do they know what the format of the files is so
that I can write my own convertor? I've had a bash at the latter but I
can't really make head not tail of the file.




1. Help me before I buy DOS to get a word processor!


I bought a 486 w/16MB running DELL unix, but now my wife wants a good
word processor.  I would prefer to have something that runs under
sysvr4 and X, but the truth is, she doesn't really care.  Right now,
she is leaning toward buying DOS or OS/2....  (She has been forced to
use OS/2 at work, and while it ain't great, at least she is familiar
with it...)

Her requirements are:

        Multiple fonts and text sizes
        Interfaces with a Panasonic KX-P1124i printer
        Good, automatic and flexable pagination, paragraph fill, etc
        Headers, foot notes, references
        automatic Table of Context
        automatic Index
        The ability to include charts and graphs in the document
        Low Cost
        Easy to learn how to use.  This will not be used daily, but
            when it is used, it will be used a lot.  
        Handle 20-40 page documents (term papers) and at least one
            150-300 page document (MA/PHD Thesis)

I would like to include:
        a Good spelling and grammar checker.
        The ability to easily put mathematical equations and chemical
            formulas into the text

If the software can not generate the graphs and charts, I need to know
of a good package to generate these too.

Up until now, I have always used emacs and a few simple tools, but
this stuff goes way beyond that.  I have looked at troff/pic/eqn and
TeX/LaTeX, but they don't meet my wife's requirement of WYSIWYG and I
didn't think that they looked that easy to learn.  I have seriously
considered using raw postscript, but then, I LIKE forth...  :->

I have seen frame, but from what I know, it is REAL expensive.  I have
heard good things about CORAL write, and I think I can get CORAL
write, CORAL draw, and CORAL paint all for around $900, but this is
still about $300-400 more than we would like to spend.  From what I
have heard, WordPerfect for unix does not run under X, is not really
WYSIWYG and it is several versions behind the DOS version.

Does anyone know of anything that will compete with things like Word
for Windows (Which I can buy DOS, Windows and WORD all for around

HELP!  What should I buy and where can I buy it cheap?


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