sun 3/50 on linux box: Xsun fails

sun 3/50 on linux box: Xsun fails

Post by Stijn Buy » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I hope I posted this messag in the right newsgroup,
since I think the problem Is more related to the sun
than to linux. But anyway, here it is:

I got a sun 3/50 recently. Now I  want to use this monster
as an Xlogin on my linux machine.

I got everything working, the kernel boots, it finds it's root
filesystem boot when the Xsun server is started it fails with

Binding UNIX socket: No such file or directory
Fatal server error

Can not establish UNIX listening socket

What does this mean?
The sun runs SunOS 4.1.1,
I used the Linux-Xkernel-2.0a package for the sun's root filesystem
My linux machine runs RH 5.2

Stijn Buys



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You may get the latest v2.0d xkernel linux distribution from

Andy McClements   | 393-395 City Road   |    Tel: 0171 833 1875
Resource Manager  | London              |    Fax: 0171 833 1169


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