passwd checker

passwd checker

Post by Norman R. Frech CP » Sun, 04 Nov 1990 01:01:29

I am looking for a robust passwd checking program which runs under
System V.3 (unisys flavor).  In particular, one which can identify
obvious passwords.  I have cops which only does limited checking in
this regard and I have chkpwd (runs under bsd; does me no good).

Any leads would be appreciated.


1. argh! passwd checker?

I'm sorry..  I saw reference on one of the Linux groups not too long ago
about a utility that checks passwords when u change them somehow..  
Anyway, I didn't need it so I didn't save it, and now that I need it it's
been bit-bucketed and I can't find it anywhere.  Can someone point me
toward such a utility?  I actually want it for an HP 9000, so if u can
point me to a generic non-linux-ported version that'd work, otherwise I
can port it.  Thanks.
                                           -John Vencill

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