MAKING Boot Floppy disk with UHC SVR4

MAKING Boot Floppy disk with UHC SVR4

Post by Doug Ans » Thu, 03 Oct 1991 23:18:56

Hello netters!

I am in the process of making a bootable floppy that does NOT startup the
initial disk formatting functionalities present in the boot floppy provided
by UHC.  The reason for this is that I would like to have a way of running
things like fsck tunefs etc.. on my root partition. My system has a smaller
disk --therefore only the root and stand partitions are present.

I have made a copy of the boot floppies (2 disks in UHC distribution) and
edited the /.profile of the BOOT floppy so that the INSTALL script is not
invoked.  Instead a root prompt appears.  I have taken the liberty of copying
nice commands like 'ls' and such to be able to get some useful work done.

However, when I attempt to run `ls` I only get the response: 'Killed.' back.
I have played with /etc/inittab (currently the initdefault state is state 0)
and have set the default state to s,1,5,2 -- all to no avail. Each time I tried
to run 'ls' I got the response: 'Killed.'  

If any of you super SVR4 gurus know where I am 'missing the boat' I would
be GREATFUL for any pointers/help...

I'll post a summary of making a bootable disk once I get mine working if there
is any interest.

thanks in advance,
Doug Anson

Univ. of Delaware


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be great !

Cheers, J/.
John Beardmore

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