Termcap/Terminfo for VT100?

Termcap/Terminfo for VT100?

Post by Mark Patri » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 04:00:59

   We have recently changed our terminfo for our vt100 setups on our Sperry 5000
system.  We wanted to set up our F5 through F10 keys.  All went well except:
The Login screen on our terminals that use vt100 now scroll to the screen and no
longer clear first.  This is only on the LOGIN screen.  The screen works and looks
fine after login.  My question is:  What controls the login screen?  Usually when
I push return at the Login screen, it clears and then redisplays the Login screen.
Now it scrolls down the screen.  Any and all help is appreciated.  

Mark Patrick
Washington DC


1. Console vs. vt100 termcap/terminfo

I am trying to "fix" the termcap and terminfo entries for console,
vt100, and xterm.

Especially the terminfo entries seem to be only 90% correct.

During my experiments, I noticed that the codes send by the arrow keys
from the linux console change. The power-up code for the up-arrow key
is ^[[A, but when I set TERM to vt100 instead of console, then the
code becomes ^[OA.

Seems like the init string for vt100 sets the terminal emulation in
a certain mode, but the init string for console does not switch it back.

I tried to go through the source for the terminal emulation, but the
comments there do not help (there are none ;-), and the source itself
is not meant for human consumption.

If anybody could provide some insight, or mail me the escape codes and
keycodes for the linux console / vt100, I would appreciate it.

I am also trying to get a working termcap/terminfo for ansi as used by
DOS communications programs. Sometimes named ansipc or ansi-bbs. The
ones I manufactured so far seem to work ok, but there are some glitches
with certain dos programs. Any input on that would be highly appreciated

Conclusion: I am really not impressed with the quality of the terminfo
entries I saw so far. I looked at alot of 'em, and all of them do have
some serious bugs. Since they are really hard to debug, I can see why
that is...



Remco Treffkorn, DC2XT

(408) 685-1201

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