Need guidance in Software Configuration Management (SCM(

Need guidance in Software Configuration Management (SCM(

Post by Mark Runy » Wed, 21 Mar 1990 02:38:16

>Does anybody know of any literature that pertains to Software Configuration
>Management in a UNIX environment.  Experience and horror stories are welcome.

General books:

  by Wayne A. Babich, Addison-Wesley, 1986, ISBN 0-201-10161-0.

_The_Program_Development_Process_, by J.D. Aron, Addison-Wesley, 1983,
  ISBN 0-201-14451-4.

  by E. Bersoff, V. Henderson, and S. Siegel, Prentice-Hall, 1980,
  ISBN 0-13-821769-6.


"RCS - A System for Version Control", Walter Tichy, _Software-Practice_and_
  Experience_, Vol 15(7), p637-654, (July 1985).

"Build-A Software Construction Tool", V. Erickson and J. Pellegrin,
  _AT&T_Bell_Lab_Technical_Journal_, Vol 63(6), p1049-1059, (July-August

"Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Revision Control System",
  Walter Tichy, _IEEE_, Vol ?(?), p 58-67, (??? 1982).

"Project Hygiene", Vic Stenning, _USENIX_Workshop_Proceedings_on_Software_
  _Management_, p1-9, (April 3-4, 1989).

"Software Manaagement Using a CASE Environment", M. Honda and T. Miller,
  _USENIX_Workshop_Proceedings_on_Software_Management_, p11-16,
  (April 3-4, 1989).

"Boxes, Links, and Parallel Trees: Elements of a Configuration Management
  System", Andy Glew, _USENIX_Workshop_Proceedings_on_Software_Management_,
  p17-28(April 3-4, 1989).

"Controlling Software for Multiple Projects", Dale Miller, _USENIX_Workshop_
  _Proceedings_on_Software_Management_, p39-50, (April 3-4, 1989).

"CCSLAND", Nathaniel Bronson III, _USENIX_Workshop_Proceedings_on_Software_
  _Management_, p87-94, (April 3-4, 1989).

"The Release Engineering of 4.3BSD", M. McKusick, M. Karels, and K. Bostic,
  _USENIX_Workshop_Proceedings_on_Software_Management_, p95-100,
  (April 3-4, 1989).

"Rtools: Tools for Software Management in a Distributed Computing
  Environment", H harrison, s. Schaefer, T. Yoo, _USENIX_Conference_
  _Proceedings_, p85-106, (June 20-24, 1988).

"A Schema for Configuration Management", Terrence Miller,
  October 24-27 1989, Princeton. Published as ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering
  Notes, Volume 17(8) pp 26-29, November 1989.


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