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Has anyone tried to run either BBNNET or RDP in the 4.3 distribution?
I am curious to find out some more about RDP.  Just how is it
"reliable" as opposed to UDP?  Is delivery guaranteed, is order?  If
someone has tried it and it does actually work, how does it compare
speed wise with either UDP or TCP?

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1. securelib for 4.3BSD ?

| I am looking for a way to control access to routed or named on my server
| in order to deny internet access to some machines on a network. Is their a
| program like securelib for 4.3BSD or can anyone give some advice on
| porting the application.

I installed securelib on my home FreeBSD 2.0 system quite easily.  Some
of the parts in the SunOS dist aren't needed (the list of files for ar,
for example).  Go through the makefile step-by-step and when it fails,
fake it out.  It will work fine.

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