Problem building new Kernel under 4.3bsd

Problem building new Kernel under 4.3bsd

Post by mur.. » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 11:21:00


     Sorry if this problem has been addressed before, but we have not had
a need to build a new kernel for awhile.
     Has anybody had a problem building a new kernel under 4.3bsd? The problem
we run into happens when we run "make" after running "makedepend".  During
the "make" we get an error that says:

     "", line 100: "int" is not followed by a ':' for a label definition
     *** Exit 1


     After receiving this error on our new configuration we tried rebuilding
our current configuration and the same error occurred.  Then we tried it on
the GENERIC configuration sent with the distribution, the same exact error.
We are running a stock system right now.  We have not installed any bug fixes
up to this point.
     By the way, our current kernel was built under 4.2bsd.
     Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

                                             Will Murray



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