kernel mode debugger for System V 286/386 Unix...

kernel mode debugger for System V 286/386 Unix...

Post by Mitchell Lern » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 15:05:00

Is there a de* that I can use in kernel mode under System V?
Mitchell Lerner
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1. Unix for 286/386 based machines

To anyone and everyone out there presently operating under Microport's
version of sys. V for 286/386 based machines:

        This product looks appealing and I am interested in a user's
point of view.  Please E-mail your evaluations, whatever they may be.
Thanks in advance.

        Along a similar line, does anyone know where I can get an
implementation of *.*bsd for a 286 or 386 based machine?  Is there such
an animal?
                        Responses will be greatly appreciated,


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