Postscript Mac -> UNIX/C

Postscript Mac -> UNIX/C

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I tried to explain it all in the subject, but I am sure that it was a little
cryptic.  I am posting this for a co-worker.   Please excuse the blunt-ness.  I
do not know if this would be the right place, (thats why I am cross posting).

Mike wants to know;
What is the best way to interface postscript from a Mac with UNIX/C?
Is there a book/Manual to recommend?


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1. RTF -> Postscript or RTF -> PDF -> Postscript ?

There is a simple word processor designed around the MS RTF format; it
can undoubtedly read in RTF and generate printable PostScript.  If you
actually need the intermediate PDF, Ghostscript includes a script to
generate PDF from Postscript called ps2pdf.

A quick poke at freshmeat reveals the name: Maxwell.


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