SunCGI graphics in FORTRAN

SunCGI graphics in FORTRAN

Post by David M. Mey » Sat, 10 Mar 1990 11:06:43

I'm using the CGI graphics package with FORTRAN on a Sun 360,
and am having a little problem.  I can't get more than 8 colors.
When I define a color table with more than 8 colors, it gives me
a run-time error.  I think I somehow need to tell it to allocate
more memory for the color table with cfopenvws(), but I don't
have access to decent documentation or a local expert on CGI, so
I'm not sure.

Please E-mail replies.  Many thanks,

                                Dave Meyer


1. Scientific graphics on Alpha/Linux with Compaq Fortran

For a few days, I am looking for information on available scientific
graphics libraries that can be called from Fortran.

DISLIN: I think it probably is the best developed library.
        Unfortunately, the source is not available.
PGplot: there is no makefile for Compaq Fortran for Alpha/Linux.
        There is a howto file that can be looked up when it is
        ported to Alpha/DU.  Basically, some core file of the fortran
        compiler package must be patched.
PLplot: Some RPMS exist for, e.g.,  the absoft compiler for
Intel/Linux.  No
        such thing for Alpha/Linux.  Tried to compile the source myself.

        Failed miserabley at the last moment.  Memory faults when
        the example executables are run.
f90GL : Although the author Bill Mitchell promised to help me out
        F90GL on Alpha/Linux, it appears to be rather difficult to
        compile it for myself.

As everyone knows, Compaq recently produced Mesa libraries for Compaq
compilers for Alpha/Linux.  I wish they could do some more work
and provide f90GL for all of us.  I think I am stuck with
Absoft Fortran compiler for AMD K7/Linux at the moment.

Can someone add more information and help me get going with
Compaq Fortran under Alpha/Linux?

The goal is to get an animation of contour/surface plots from
a running Fortran program.

Thank you.

Best regards,

G. Hugh Song

kjist dot ac dot kr

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