How to set time zone in SunOS 4.1

How to set time zone in SunOS 4.1

Post by Sean Burke » Thu, 30 Jun 1994 07:57:18

OK, I read the fine manual, and I still can't figure out
how to convince my machine that it is no longer on the
East coast, but is now in PDT. Can anyone clue me in?



1. Setting Time Zone in SUN OS 4.1.?

Hi. We got trouble in our time zone setting and mail system.
Here's the problem:

When we installed our SUNs, the choice of time zone includes Asia, ROC/Taiwan
but the localtime file is set to 'CST' !!!
So when we send out our Emails, the sendmail would show our mail time to a CST
time like the header in this mail you're reading ...

The real problem is, some news system in US will detect this mail comes
from the FUTURE and disregard it....

I've tried to copy the GMT reference time to localtime and found that won't work
when read the time. The sendmail will show the time zone is
'GMT+080'  but not 'GMT +0800', which is the correct one.

We called SUN's AE here and got no response...

Any comment will help.
Thanks in advance.

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