replacing crt0.o on sv 386

replacing crt0.o on sv 386

Post by Arnold Robbi » Sun, 11 Nov 1990 03:00:25

For various reasons, I would like to write a replacement crt0.o for
our System V.3.2 '386 systems.  Can someone describe for me the stack
layout of argc, argv, and environ after an exec?  The replacement crt0
needs to be able to pull them off the stack in the right way in order
to pass them on in the call to main.

Pictures and/or C code preferred, assembly language also welcome.

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1. Problems booting SV/386 on Intel AT-386-Computer

hello everybody out there,

i'm working with an Intel 80386-mainboard, Intel 2 mb 32-Bit Above-Board,
GENOA Super Hires Graphik-Card, Mitsubishi Multiscan-Monitor (1471??),
NCL-Controler (ST506-Type), CDC WRENII80SH Harddisk and CHINON 1.2 MB

Running DOS, i don't have real problems. But UNIX...

I bought Microport System V/386 and tried to install by booting the
boot disk. The prompt "boot:" appears and i hit RETURN. Boot starts,
but about 20 sec later there appear some beeps on the speaker and ...
the system has hung up.

Even changing graphic modus to monochrome does change anything.

So, is anybody out there running System V/386 on an Intel 80386-
Mainboard? Anyone else suggestions?

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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