Help!!!!! - serial connections vs ethernet connections

Help!!!!! - serial connections vs ethernet connections

Post by Charles J. Sergen » Mon, 19 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a PC that is connected to a RS6000 via serial and ethernet
connections.  When I use the serial connection, everything works well
but when I switch to ethernet the screens don't work the same way as the
serial connection.  For instance when going from one screen to another
the screen should clear but it doesn't.  Please e-mail me with any


1. Question regarding DosEmu and moving the serial connection to a Linux connection

Oops. The subject is a bit too long.. Anyways, what I want to find out about
is this. I am more or less a Linux newbie so I don't know if this is
possible or not. I will be running a BBS under DosEmu. What I want to do is
beable to, at a command on the Dos side, move the user's serial connection
to a linux login prompt allowing them to access Linux. They don't have to be
able to switch back. I have an idea for this, I can run the BBS through
DosEmu, and the user can do one of two things. Logoff, which will hangup and
loop back and reload the BBS (This will all be done by a batch file) or
leave the BBS, this will operate the same as hanging up except that the
hangup command will never be issued. It will exit, with an errorlevel
telling the batch file to end. I'm assuming, then that the Dos "session"
will close with the serial connection still active. Then, when it gets back
over to linux, I could have a program or whatever (I do have some
programming knowledge) detect and make sure there is still a serial
connection, (if not it will reload the BBS) and start a login prompt
directing it to the serial port. Hmm.. Does that make sense? Anyways, just
ponder the idea.. Any responses appreciated.

Ryan Brown


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