Need help with INN/dbx

Need help with INN/dbx

Post by yesm » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to compile INN 1.4 but come up with the error:

Undefined symbol dbxwritethrough first encountered in his.o

Without being a C expert,
it appears that the declaration for dbxwritethrough was left out of dbx.h.

1) Is this the case

2) Is there a newer fixed version

3) If no, what could I be doing wrong?  I have installed patch and dbx.c has
been updated.

Any answers appreciated.
Please email.


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Sun Feb  4 17:35:29 MST 1996

I am a consultant for a large  dbms  vendor. Our  environment  is
Solaris  2.4.  We have a program that uses several run-time argu-
ments i.e argv[1..n], and wish to run this program under dbx.  We
have  tried  re-directing the arguments from an input ASCII file,
but dbx does not like the syntax i.e. runargs ...  < <file_name>.

Any clues as to what the problem could be ? I know  that  runargs
is  a new feature of dbx. How can we get it to work with argument
redirection from an input ASCII file?


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