Makefile with src and obj in diff directory

Makefile with src and obj in diff directory

Post by Chang Q. » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

  I have question related to makefile. I want to make a object that the source

  Such as:
        $(CC) $<
  where $(OBJS) and $(SRCS)  are in different directory and both of them are
contained more than one file.  

Thanks a lot!


1. makefile when SRC dir and OBJ dir differs?

Suffix rules only work when target and prerequisite are
in the same directory. But sometimes you want the object
files to be generated in some other directory since
directory gets messy and it makes you hard to see the
list of source files.

What may be a good solution to this ?
Is there any way doing this with suffix rules ?

Any good ideas / sugestoins are welcomed.


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