Clear screen while running C-shell script based on echo's

Clear screen while running C-shell script based on echo's

Post by Lourdes Gallasteg » Fri, 07 Jun 1991 18:25:45

        Hello everybody.
I'm not a programmer, please excuse me if I don't use the right words
or my question is too silly.

When running a C Shell script based mostly on echo and set commands
(the user gets consecutive questions to choose among several options
and the answers are redirected to awk, grep, ex, etc) I would like to
be able to refresh the screen when write/mail messages arrive in the
middle of my interactive script session.

I've thought of doing  mesg n  but I believe that root can still write
to my terminal after disabling myself in this way. Most messages would
come from root, so this is not a solution.

Changing the write permission of my /dev/tty would have the same
problem, and I'm not sure if it wouldn't mess it up.

I thought of doing control-z, then clear, then fg, but of course all my
echo's are gone and the user will be lost not knowing what question
s/he's answering to.

I'm using a CONVEX machine, and our UNIX release is 9.0. My terminal is
a vt100n.

        Thanks in advance. E-mail is preferable.


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     -rwsr-x---  1 joe   sd   3083 Nov  9  19:06 tryme

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