Connecting modems to terminal servers

Connecting modems to terminal servers

Post by Gautam Sub » Wed, 15 Sep 1993 15:07:59

Need some help with the procedures used to connect modems to a terminal
server and then use these modems from networked workstations/pc's.

Know how to connect/configure locally attached modems BUT need some
pointers on how to do so for those are attached to a terminal server.

Can't figure out what needs to be done to re-direct the data over the
network to the terminal server and then to the modem!!

Any and all help appreciated

Cheers - Gautam Subra
Gautam Subra


1. modems on terminal server hang when connected to linux

I help support a linux machine 'uname -a 1.0.8' (slackware 1.2.0) which
has some connections to a cisco terminal server.  In programs like
pine and gopher, we get the remote terminal to lock up like a flow
control problem.  We have tried both software and hardware flow control
from the modems to the terminal server (both with the same effect).

The problem is that on this setup worked on an older release of linux
(0.99 pl14 or so older, don't remember).  If when it hangs I get a
couple of commands that would send a small amount of chars, the send-q
under netstat jumps.

We see no problems telnet/rlogin into the machine from other machines
only from the terminal server.  We are checking if other terminal servers
have the problem.

Does anyone know where to look?

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