Need ways to find street prices of Unix boxes

Need ways to find street prices of Unix boxes

Post by Kerry Stevens » Sat, 07 Aug 1993 22:50:05

I'm interested in finding a good way to keep up to date on current street
prices of Unix hardware equipment. Our company is new to Unix and has used
mainframes in the past - we've used several newsletters to keep current on
mainframe prices, but are unable to locate one which includes prices of
Unix servers/workstations. PriceWatch has just started including RS/6000
prices, but I'd like to know about Sun, HP, DEC and other vendor's prices
too. Knowing street prices is invaluable information when negotiating with
vendors. I'm open to other methods, if anyone has any. Thanx in advance!

1. The best ways to connect a Win95 box to a Linux box ???????

After my spouse decided to enter the computing world, and buying a
better computer than mine, she mentioned that she'd like to network the
two together. Of course I'd like to. I'd love to gain access to the
larger hard and printer, etc. (Why a newbie like her gets a better
computer than me is puzzling, oh wel...)
  We have purchased two nice NE2000 compatible and installed them okay.
Cabling (thin) works fine, and Linux is setup with a ftp server and
accepts telnet. Great.
  My question is this:

  Isn't there more I can do? How can I get more out of this setup? (I
guess that's more than one question)

What is the best way to connect a linux box to a Win95 box? Ftp and
telnet are okay, but really only usefull if I'm actually using the Win95
box. I'd rather not use the Win95 box, I love Linux and find Win95 a
pain (No flames please, just my opinion).

  Have any of you connected two or more similiar computers together?

  I'd reall ylike some ideas from you networking gurus out there. Thanks
in advance to anyone who can assist me.

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