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From time to time, rarely, more's the pity, I'll think of a way to
do something that I haven't seen done in the vast amount of software
that has come from the net, and for which I'm most grateful. Others
do the same. That said, is there a newsgroup for posting such helpful
hints or tips. Not so grand as to be worth posting to a sources group,
and newuser groups don't seem particularly appropriate. Should there be
such a group? It would probably generate a lot of "Everybody knows that,
you IDIOT" flames, but would it also generate a "stuff everybody ought
to know montly posting". Would it be worthwhile?
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1. Tips for tip

I am having trouble connecting to remote systems using tip. I create an
entry in /etc/remote for my remote system. The modem does dial and I
receive a carrier detect and also the message connected 14400 LAPM
then the modem hangs up and I see the message call failed.

I am able to connect using cu without a problem

I have even tried programming the answering modem with an at&d0 I guess I
read somewhere that tip drops dtr once connected to establish a login
propmt but even this wasnt worked for me.

I am using multitech ZDX modem (Hayes compatiable) on Solaris x86 2.5

Does anybody have any tips on TIP

Thanks in advance

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