Reading Unix formatted DAT tapes in a WIN NT Machine

Reading Unix formatted DAT tapes in a WIN NT Machine

Post by Peter Brighto » Tue, 27 May 1997 04:00:00

Is it possible and if so how can we read data stored on DAT tapes by the
tar utility. The machine we will be using is a Win NT machine.
Peter Brighton
Bells Beach


1. Reading UNIX formatted floppies on Wincrap NT machines

yeah, I know, why bother.  Unfortunately, we have a few (more than I'd
like) NT machines floating around, and we need to be able to read a UNIX
formatted floppy on the NT box.  The floppies are formatted both in SCO
and Solaris file systems.  Anybody know of any software for the NT side
that will allow the NT machines to read the floppies?

Mark Wendt

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