SCO UNIX Update G: NIS passwords don't propogate

SCO UNIX Update G: NIS passwords don't propogate

Post by Dan Ellis » Wed, 13 May 1992 23:51:27

Hi everyone.  I have recently installed update G on our SCO UNIX
hosts.  I have three NIS servers on line.  One master and two
slaves.  On the master, ypbind, ypserv, and yppasswdd are running.
On the slaves, only ypserv and ypbind are running.  I installed
a few distributed accounts on the master so that the passwords
would propogate to the slave servers in our cluster.  Unfortunately,
they don't....

Checking the nislog file shows that the maps are received correctly
and map2ascii script is invoked and executes successfully.  It appears
that the yptosco script is bombing in that the new passwords are not
installed into the shadow password file in tcb/files/auth.  Anybody
familiar with this behavior and/or know what the fix is to get things
working the way they should?  Any help greatly appreciated.

BTW, for those of you reading this in biz.sco.opendesktop group
please reply via email as I haven't been able to get a feed for
this heirarchy and as such won't see any posts unless they are
cross-posted to a group that I do get.  Thanks.

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