lex/flex and yacc/bison

lex/flex and yacc/bison

Post by Aaron Ta » Wed, 13 May 1992 16:58:19

I hope this is an appropriate group for my request.

I'd like to hear from people familiar with the Unix programs lex/flex
and yacc/bison.  I've read an introductory chapter on each of these but
find myself with a lot of questions on their use.  They seem like wonderful
4th-generation languages and I'd like to learn how to use them for non-
trivial applications such as those described in the chapters mentioned
above.  Mostly, I'd like someone I can ask questions of, and for examples
of lex and yacc programs at work together.


--Aaron Tank

PS Please email me your responses as I don't think my request is of popular


1. Object-oriented lex(flex) and yacc(bison) for c++?

I'm interested in using lex and yacc to implement a parser for one of
my projects, and would really like to know if there's something out
there that facilitates something a little easier to incorperate it into
my c++ code.  I'd like to have a Parser class, which uses the two
utilities.  What's out there that might help, or be of interest?

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated...

[I prefer email responses, since I don't have time to read news often.]


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