question about mail (SunOS 4.1)

question about mail (SunOS 4.1)

Post by Alex Pfiste » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

On the system I work the system mailbox is not stored in directory
/var/spool/mail as it is usually done but in the user's homedir
in file $HOME/.mail.

The argumentation I've heard for doing it this way is:

Quote:> mail is delivered to the $HOME/.mail file for several reasons:
>   1. it's easier to enforce disk quotas. These are not part of the
>    core unix distribution but are essential for an academic                >    environment as you may well realise. (Some students regularly           >    sent massive mails to themselves at the end of each day!)
>   2. it's easier to handle backups - there are security problems with      >            mail files left in public areas.

> But obviously the interlock capabilities are taken care of under this
> system or the system would be unworkable.

What do you think about this argumentation and that the system
mailbox is actually stored in the user's homedir and not in
/var/spool/mail ?

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Hello world,

We recently upgraded two machines to  Solaris  2.2  but  our  main  mail
server  machine will still run SunOS 4.1.3 for a while. I first intended
to nfs  mount  /var/mail  to  mailhost:/usr/spool/mail  but  I  sort  of
remember  that  there  is some gotcha. Too bad I didn't keep the article
and it's not in the FAQ. Is there  something  special  I  should  do  to  on  the  Solaris 2.2 machine so that the local mailer works
correctly with mail spool files generated my a 4.1.3 system ?

There   is   a   /usr/bin/mailcompat  command  but  I  didn't  find  any
documentation  for  it  ! It seems that this command installs a .forward
pipe on a per-user basis. I'd rather have a systemwide solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Alain FAUCONNET    Ingenieur systeme - System Manager     AP-HP/SIM
Public Health Research Labs  91 bld de l'Hopital 75013 PARIS FRANCE

Tel: (+33) 1-40-77-96-19                   Fax: (+33) 1-45-86-80-68

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