Reading VAX/VMS backup tapes on HP-UX 10.10

Reading VAX/VMS backup tapes on HP-UX 10.10

Post by P. Kahl » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00


Our system admin people need some help in reading some 9-track VMS backup
tapes on tape drives that are connected to an HP-UX box, the dumped images
would then be ftp (or NFS's) to the VAX.

Their current solution is to buy a dedicated tape drive for the VAX.




1. Difference between HP-UX 10.10 and HP-UX 10.20


what are the differences between HP-UX 10.10 and HP-UX 10.20?

I ask because one of our customers want to evalute our software
(which was developed on 10.10) on HP-UX 10.20. Is there full
backward compatibility?

Thanks for your helps


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