grep command limitation

grep command limitation

Post by Barry Margoli » Tue, 21 Oct 1997 04:00:00

>Can any one give me an idea of how to work around the length
>limitation of
>grep ?.

I'll bet GNU grep doesn't have a limit on line length.

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1. How to make grep select both lines using only a single 'grep' command

: Hello,
:       We have an ASCII file called "ships" with lines in this format:

:       .....      3HO/3HA(PNTN) 4SD .....       [line 1]
:       .....      3HO/3HA 4SD .....             [line 2]
:       .                                        [line n]

:       The stuff in the parenthesis (the string "PNTN") can change.

:       Is there a single grep/egrep regular expression that can display
:       both lines?

:       I tried:

:       1. grep -i "3ho/3ha * 4s" ships,    showed line 2 only
:       2. grep -i "3ho/3ha* 4s" ships ,    showed line 2 only
:       3. grep -i "3ho/3ha *4s" ships ,    showed line 2 only
:       4. grep -i "3ho/3ha(*) 4s" ships,   showed nothing
:       5. grep -i "3ho/3ha(*) 4s" ships,   showed nothing
:       6. grep -i "3ho/3ha(p*) 4s" ships,  showed nothing

Remember that regular expressions and filename globbing are different things.
You were attempting filename globbing, when grep requires a regular expression.
Try this:

grep -i "3ho/3ha.* 4s" grepp

The ".*" does what you were trying to do with the "*", which is match a string
of 0 or more characters.


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