Q: how to update libc.a library

Q: how to update libc.a library

Post by Lynn L » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I would like to know what's the correct way to update a library.
Let's say I have libc.a, libc.so.1.8 and libc.sa.1.8 under /usr/lib on
my machine. Could I just update the libc.a library by copying libc.a,
libc.so.1.9 and libc.sa.1.9 from another machine to my machine ?

My question is: is there any compatibility issue between the library
files (libc*) I just copied and the other libraries (for example, libm.a)
under /usr/lib ? Is there any OS issue also ?

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  I'm trying to compile on a solaris system after doing a fresh os
install with developer bundles and c/c++ WS Pro compilers. /usr/lib
contains libc.so but no libc.a, <whereis libc.a> points to libc.so, but
my makefiles fail because they can't find the correct .a library files.
Where am I going wrong? What's the difference between the two? And, why
doesn't /usr/lib contain all my .a libraries? Any help would be
appreciated. I'm new to solaris development and am having a really hard
time setting up my environment to compile.

Very frustrated,


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