Win98 and Samba

Win98 and Samba

Post by O El badaw » Tue, 12 Sep 2000 06:10:40

I am connecting my PC (Toshiba laptop) to a Solaris machine running Samba.
I can see the network, I can access (read from and write to) shared
directories on
the UNIX machine (e.g., /tmp). However I am not able to access my home
(on UNIX). I use the same username on both the Win98 and UNIX machines. I
the password encryption option in Win98 (As per a Microsoft Knowledge-base
but I still get the "password incorrect" message. I am not asked for a
username when I click
on my UNIX home directory in Win98, only for a password.
Am I missing something here?
Thanks in advance

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I've looked throught the messages and tried most - bottom line is that the
Linux machine keeps coming up with the message invalid user name or
password. I've got the same user name installed on the Win98 machine and the
linux machine. I have case set to insensitive. I set the registry in Win98
to enable plain text and the corresponding entry in the smb.conf file
(encrypted password=no). I added the statement nullpassword=yes to the
smb.conf file.

What do you have to do to see the windows machines??? BTW the linux machine
has no trouble using the Win98 ICS; dials on demand and all that; so the
network is working fine other than no ability to see the Windows 98
computers other than the windows drives on the dual boot machine I'm using.

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